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AC Systemsmar-35pcm

Shore power, generators, and inverters, are used to provide AC power to run appliances and charge batteries.  Vessel AC Systems when improperly installed may cause stray current, corrosion, and fatalities.  Always use an experienced marine electrician.

DC Systems

Starting engines, powering instrumentation, lighting, appliances, and inverters reliablebattery DC power is required for vessel operation and enjoyment.  Power for bilge pumps is critical to stay afloat.  Vessel DC systems, when improperly installed, may corrode or cause corrosion and fail when most needed.  In addition, correct wire gauge, circuit protection and ignition proofing all play a role in safely wiring and operating your vessel. Always use an experienced marine electrician on your boat.

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Corrosion Control

Active and passive corrosion control prevents the deterioration of metals on a vessel Corrosion-Protection-By-Polymet-And-Aquazincwhich is accelerated by contact with water and highly accelerated by contact to sea water.  Failure to maintain the corrosion control system can result in costly repairs to engines and fittings. Performing a corrosion survey will indicate the health of your vessel and if any action is required to protect your engine, prop, prop shaft, rudder, fittings, and paint.

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LED Lighting115475_a1ba1c5ae10285f537deb25a33ed7f5d38a195ad_original

Replacing the incandescent bulbs and fixtures on your vessel can reduce lighting power usage by up to 95%! That means less stress on your batteries and more time on the water before you have to use your generator. The LED lighting that we supply and install at Aqua Marine Electrical is specifically designed with marine applications in mind.

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